Digital printing

Printing on glass as well as on a wide variety of materials such as melamine, plexiglass, p.v.c., mdf, kappa mount, kappa fix, glass, wood, aluminum foils, polycarbonates, giving an inexhaustible variety of applications for kitchen doors, bedroom wardrobes, wall coverings, space dividers, furniture glasses, shop decor, interior decorations advertising, professional gifts, signs, and much more creating a unique look in your space, by choosing your preferred digital printing.

Choose from a wide variety of designs

Our collection consists of high resolution designs that can be printed on any surface. But if these are not enough for you, we can print your own design or image!


Σχέδια ψηφιακής εκτύπωσης
Ψηφιακή εκτύπωση οροφής

Digitally printed roof

The company MITSAKOS GLASS with its many years of experience manufactures illuminated ceilings of digital printing in countless designs for all tastes both in homes and in professional or exhibition spaces. The result is impressive even for the most demanding customers.

Tell us your idea!

We want to hear your idea of making or printing. Our staff has the experience to implement your idea efficiently! Talk to us today and we will be happy to help you!